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May 20, 2010

Today was the kickoff day for all of our projects and the first day we were at the CYEC. For the high tunnel team, we got to survey the state of the existing high tunnel which was built last year. It was still intact and we came to the conclusion that due to the polyethylene pipes warping under intense heat during the hot seasons we needed a better viable option. Since our plan was to use PVC pipes in the first place we decided to mix our plans built up in the semester and use some of the materials from the existing high tunnel. Similar things were done by the drip irrigation team and the biogas team. The drip irrigation team surveyed the plot of land next to the high tunnel and began to decide on which exact materials to obtain for the project. The biogas team decided it would be best to keep the digester somewhat near the kitchen area so that the gas can be piped to the kitchen. One of the things we will be doing is we will be comparing how tomato plants grow on the irrigation fields versus how it grows in the high tunnels. Each team also began to introduce the projects to the children at CYEC that were interested in the project. Finally, everyone came up with material lists and made modifications on their original designs to fit the constraints we were faced with at the CYEC. (i.e. budget constraint, weaker materials, different dimensions in materials and on). We also let the students choose which projects they would like to work on for the next 20 days.

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  1. Therese Jones permalink
    May 27, 2010 7:42 am

    Glad to see you guys are doing an anaerobic digester this year (I was on that team last year, only to find out when I arrived that we were scrapping it). What are this year’s goals, and what happened to the concept of building in Lamuria? After our site visit last year, most of us thought building there was logistically unfeasible, but last I heard the Tom and Janelle were still in favor of the site.

    Have fun, and wish I were there!

    • June 7, 2010 9:31 am

      Hi, sorry to write back so late! But I think our focus shifted towards building a digester at the CYEC to serve as a demonstration site and an experimental tool for the youth, in order to experiment with feed. The long term goal, maybe 2-3 years, is to have biogas built at Lamuria. The youth will hopefully be able to take the design and have a small-scale business building, implementing, and maintaining them. We want to focus on a bottom up approach, where the biogas business will be started in Joesph’s and Jackson’s family community.

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