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May 30, 2010

The past two days of Safari adventuring and extremely bumpy Kenyan roads put a whooping on all of us, which was evident in our stumbling around in the morning to mobilize.  Alot of the projects for the entire program had a big day today (elaborated below) and the day was spent at the CYEC.  As in the picture below, this included another day of fighting off little children for the camera and trying to work around all the distractions while going through a large volume of interviews.

Since the project I have gotten the nickname “Pig Pen” because of how magnetic my clothes are to the red Kenyan Clay.  However, this may be our cleanest day yet; our clothes and persons made it out without clay for once! Our team changed gears today, when about 80 students from a local university came to the CYEC to go through the Mashavu clinic, Wishvast surveys, and our own. The day got somewhat monotonous for our team; asking what animals and crops people owned turned out to be a very consistent answer, and by the end I could guess what they would say!  At least we have a very solid idea of the agriculture in the area, with great quantitative and economic measurements of their lifestyles, either rural or urban.

Poor Jeff was out of commission with a sickness, so Min had to handle things for them.  However, it turned out the the High Tunnel team is still waiting for materials from Nairobi, so he helped Kerri with Drip Irrigation.  Since the materials are being sought after by the CYEC staff, Kerri spent a good part of the morning trying to find someone to unlock the room storing the wood planks.  Once she found someone and got the wood, her and Min painted the wood with the old motor oil, to prevent rotting and termites.  We had a couple of grease monkeys by the end of it.

All in all, it was a crazy day of rapid fire waking up, interviews, eating, and fun times!  We winded down with another night of piling into the Matatus and heading to the Banana Leaf to hang out and dance with some local college kids we met!  I got some new Facebook friends, pictures, and alot of work done today, so once again, I’m satisfied with another day in Kenya.

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