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June 3, 2010

The day started off like any other day with the essential design team waking up to the sound of roosters. After a short breakfast at the hotel we walked to the center going straight to work. The digester team realized that there was a leak in their main tank and decided to head to town to buy more epoxy to fix t he leak. The day was spent fixing the leak and  planning for the next day for the digester side of things.

The irrigation team had a great day besides a minor speed bump due to a hole in their water storage tank. The team got to lay out the drip tape over the field and and get all the connections in to the mainline of the drip set up. The team is also working on finding a new way to seal the end cap as it caused some leakage towards the end of the day.

The high tunnel team continued to press on through the scorching sun finishing up the skeletal structure of the tunnel and finishing the end frames of the tunnel. The team also got the mesh nailed into the base to keep the bugs out. There are still much work to be done.  Tomorrow the team will try to finish the  basic  structure of the tunnel by putting up the plastic covering over the skeletal structure. It should be an exciting day tomorrow.

In terms of progress, each teams had their share of productive and unproductive days but T.I.A. (This Is Africa).

[side comment: Dream Blog]

It seems that everyones had one or two dreams regarding their projects.  Mike’s had dreams of his digester, Kerri’s had dreams about the drip irrigation system, and well… I had my first dream about the high tunnel last night.

I was back at school asking some lady if the dimensions we chose for the high tunnel on site at the CYEC would hold up in the next few months. The lady began to lecture me on how the round shape we chose for our design was completely off and we needed to change our design to  be in the shape of a shark’s fin! She said that it allowed more light to get in and how it was  somehow better than our original design. In the middle of the conversation a herd of warthogs came rushing by. Shortly after, a man on a bicycle with a bow and arrow shot and killed a warthog… Dumbfounded I left the site and got to a bus stop where I met up with Chris and Mike to go to the airport by 6:30 pm.  When  I asked Chris what time it was he  said 11 am while Mike said it was already 5 pm!

-The End-

Well this dream pretty much summed up a lot of the things that went on during the trip. Every time we took measurements to construct the tunnel we realized that something was wrong with it. Things would be uneven or we would have to come up with quick creative ways to fix things (i.e. two man powered hand drill, homemade PVC clips…). Another thing is that we’ve eaten some unusual foods here, least I have. For the first time I had ugali (african staple), goat, sheep, and well… cow intestine (The Noodle at Banana Leaf). Finally, we never know what time it is here (besides the few that carry around watches). I stopped wearing my watch for two reasons. One because the kids seem to want it so bad that I feel bad carrying one around and two because knowing the time here simply does not matter since everyone works on Kenyan time… Basically, punctuality does not exist here… but T.I.A.

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