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Jet Li the Sheep

June 5, 2010

Today was another normal working day for the E-Design team except for the fact that we are all either done our projects or have the finish line in our sights. We had a long night last night thanks to Khanjan’s surprise bachelor party, so everyone was still feeling it this morning…enough said haha.

 Team Drip-It

            The drip team did nothing today. Not because they are lazy but because they finished their project 2 days ago. Graham is recovering from sickness and felt a lot better today.

Team Gassy-Assy

            The digestor’s woes continued with the leaks they have been having problems with although they have reduced them to a single very small one today. Let’s cross our fingers that the sealant holds for tomorrow!

            Chris and Liz traveled to Wambugu Farm, a local government center which showcases alternative energy technologies, to pick up waste for the digestor. Some really cool news is that they met a man, James Muira, who is a local expert on biogas production. They have established a long term relationship with him in hopes of having him oversee the biogas system after we leave. They want him to continue to monitor and educate the CYEC kids as well to ensure the progress the team has made is not all for naught. As a side note, they also set up the gas line that runs to the kitchen.

Team Get-High Tunnel

            The high tunnel team is almost done! Today we put up the plastic on the end frames while bumping to Shwayze and the King of Pop, Michael J, on Jeff’s portable speakers. We still have to hammer up a couple random pieces here and there because we ran out of nails three quarters of the way through the day which stalled movement forward. Shouldn’t be too much longer.

While Jeff was finishing work for the day after lunch, Min was out on a little adventure of his own. He has been talking about buying a goat for a while now as a gift to the CYEC kids to eat and finally was able to make it happen today. So he left for a 10 minute walk to pick up one which turned out to be a half hour hike through some rough territory. Apparently he almost died twice, walking next to some steep banks on the side of a quarry. So once at the farmer’s place, instead of picking one himself, the farmer left for an hour and returned with a sheep…close enough. Min wound up paying 3,600 Kenyan Shillings for Jet Li, that’s the sheep, and forcefully dragged it back in what I can only imagine as a hilarious charade. As sad, and kind of awesome, as it will be to watch it get slaughtered tomorrow, it will make the kids happy. They eat maize and beans for every meal, everyday, so they deserve it. We can’t wait to see their reaction.

Well that’s the news from Nyeri, Kenya. We’ll see you tomorrow.


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