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Got A Kenyan Drivers License?

June 6, 2010

Well before I begin I must say we are quite sad tomorrow is the last day at the CYEC.We are hoping to start a gmail account for some of the children to keep in touch. Today was the arts festival where many people from the area came to buy and sell paintings, jewelry, bags, and more. We also played a Kenya vs. USA soccer match. The score? USA 1, Kenya ? (I think 6). Regardless, everyone had a blast. Each team spent the day relaxing and preparing for one last work day tomorrow. But before I leave I have to paint a picture of just how difficult it was to communicate with the locals here.

Ugali is a staple Kenyan dish made of maize (corn) flour yet its something the center gets rarely. What are our thoughts? Well its like eating mashed potatoes without the milk and butter. Bland is probably the best way to describe it. Yet for some reason its one of kids favorites. So ED and Mashabu decided to pitch in some money to the center to give a Ugali dinner along with Jet Li the sheep. (we also went to town to buy Nestle Iced Tea packets for drinks).

While talking to the chef for the kids he said something along the lines of wanting to go to the States to earn a license and went on about how much he wanted to go the States. However before we left the center the cook came looking for us and two other men were with him. The two men were kenyan driving instructors… Apparently the cook thought we were going to pay for his license test which was around 5-7000 shillings or close to a 100 dollars (:o). We had to tell the cook that there was a miscommunication and apologized but there were several instances throughout the trip where communication was an issue. I mean, communicating with other engrish speakers is difficult how much more has it been with swahili speakers! Still, it all contributed to the overal experience of this trip and I’m sure everyone will take home something life changing however big or small it is.

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